Apple iPhone 6, Plus, Watch And Pay

I actually managed to sleep through the Keynote this time, only because I stayed up extra late to try and not wake up. Partly because as a team at work we like to come in early, get breakfast from the restaurant next door, they deliver for us, and sit and watch it together. Most of the time I’ve already seen it at 3am. It’s on early here in Australia. It was a disappointment though given the trouble Apple had getting the live stream working (apparently) it seemed to impact the recording being available, so we had breakfast and watched a couple of movie trailers on the Apple TV. Maze Runner looks good.

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

For me it was only a question of which one, certainly not a question of “should I” move away from the iPhone 5s. When you work in the industry you have to have the latest release, of course, the clients expect us to have it, right? I was set on the Plus, I really wanted the largest screen, that was all I was focussed on but a conversation with my mate Dazzz made me question the decision. His concern was pocket comfort and he’s right, my phone spends a lot of time in the left front pocket with screen facing inwards. That’s the only way to do it by the way, the official, approved pocket protocol.

So, we did as hundreds of thousands of people around the world did, and made a cardboard cut-out, with thanks to Ars Technica.


In the jeans I had on, the fit was fine, probably a bit uncomfortable when you have the real thickness and a case on the phone but I would have managed. I’m sure though on some of my other jeans with shorter length pockets, it would not have worked. Interestingly, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a lot of women buying the 6 Plus because they generally carry their phone in their hand-bag, there’s the option of the man-bag as was popular in the 80s, but I think the wrist srap will clash with my Apple Watch. So I’ve ordered the smaller 6.

The Watch.

In appearance, it’s not much different to the old Nano watch.


You could buy a bunch of after-market bands. Sure, you didn’t get notifications or body monitoring but it would do what it did without you needing to have your phone with you. For me, I wish Apple had done a round screen, it’s unique except for Motorola of course, and more watch-like. I also wish they’d made it stand alone, if I have to have my phone with me I’d prefer to wear a gorgeous watch from Tag, Bvlgari or Aquanautics or any other premium watch maker, I’m very fond of watches.

In fact, I reckon a Rolex powered by Apple would be awesome. Give me the quality and look of a premium watch but build all the monitoring in, maybe do something awesome like making the round screen transparent so I can see the gorgeous Rolex face but if I want some info the glass over the face goes black and I have my Apple Watch screen on it. And fit a SIM card in there and WiFi, make it thicker or build it into the band if needed.

I’ll buy one of course, the Apple Watch, I have to for work right? I might however wear it on my right wrist while sporting a dumb watch on my left. I’m interested in using the health related features and although it’s really designed for being on the left wrist it has a configuration option for lefties.

Apple Pay.

This is the single most important announcement from Apple. We knew the iPhone 6 was coming, we knew the Watch would come now or soon afterwards but there’d been little mention of Apple facilitating payments with their technology.

This is a special development, it’s going to be very popular in bricks and mortar stores but also online. We’ll see an interface between browsers, even if just Safari, on your Mac and iOS, that will allow you to use Apple Pay with online transactions too.

Apparently Apple will be earning 0.15% on each transaction which is going to be a massive revenue stream for them as it rolls out around the world. Further, it should drive those who use Android onto iOS. One of my colleagues asked me why he should move away from his Galaxy phone when he’s had all the features of the iPhone 6 for years. My answer was “Apple Pay”.

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