iOS 8.0.2 Has Problems Too At least In Australia

I didn’t bother checking this morning in advance of installing iOS 8.0.2 on my iPhone 6 and iPad Air, I figured it would be an extremely well tested, checked and checked again update after the troubles earlier in the week. I expect it was very well checked in North America but not so much, it seems, for those of us down-under.

The update on my phone went fine, I am not noticing any issues and certainly I have 4G access and Touch-ID is working.

Th iPad Air however was a strange case. The update would not install but gave no indication as to why, and, despite the update not installing, like still showing as ready to install, my 4G access had stopped, it was showing No Service. I tried a reset and then tried deleting some Apps so I had 10GB available instead of 5GB. It was after deleting a bunch of Apps to make the extra space and then doing a quick reset that the iPad came up and said it needed to be plugged into iTunes.

Upon plugging into iTunes the message read that it was in recovery mode and needed to be what-evered, I didn’t even bother reading any further and just cleared everything, wiped it and the iOS 8.0.2 update has gone down fine. 4G is working.

I was planning on getting the new iPad Air in October especially if it happens to come with 256GB of storage, and if I was to do that I would have configured it from scratch, so it just means I’m doing that this weekend instead of in 4 or 5 weeks, I did have other plans though. The poor person or team that’s managed the recent point updates for iOS 8 must be in a world of pain.

The press is already looking for the person to blame and they’ve latched on to Josh Williams who apparently was involved in the quality assurance of Apple Maps which was a poor release and he survived, unlike Scott Forstall, but if Josh is indeed now in charge of quality control for iOS releases I expect he’ll be issued with a GTFO, if not already done.

I hope this is the end of the issues. At least until Yosemite

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