Apple’s Home Automation Solution, Master Siri

When Apple bring Siri to the Mac it opens up a wonderful opportunity for them to extend Siri throughout the home. Maybe they don’t even need Siri on the Mac now it’s on the Apple TV.

As long as there’s a “Master” Siri server somewhere on the home network we are ready for voice interaction in every room of the house. This brings the whole “Welcome home Greg, the children have taken the dog for a walk 12 minutes ago, they asked me to ask you what’s for dinner and message them the answer”. I think that will be awesome.

Master Siri will recognise everyone in the house. She’ll learn the noises, like the front door opening, she’ll be able to see who’s phone has connected to the home network and be pretty sure who it is. If the door opens without a phone being connected she can say “Hello, who’s come home please?” and an unrecognised voice or no answer can result in alerts and alarms as per your configuration.

Obviously we need input and output throughout the house and this is an ideal opportunity for Apple to sell many extra devices. Call them iNodes maybe, for now. They have a microphone and a speaker. I reckon they should be light globes or power point extensions, something that is always powered, no recharging or replacing batteries. Most rooms will have a light and many will have power points so you can easily put one in each room.

Imagine, that No-Toilet-Paper issue is easily solved, the child can simply say “Siri, can you ask mum to bring me some toilet paper please?” If Siri knows which room mum is in, maybe because they’ve interacted or mum’s phone is in that room, then Siri will speak through that iNode. If she doesn’t know where mum is she will do a house wide enquiry to locate mum and deliver the message. If there’s no response Siri can ring mum on FaceTime or message her.

There’s no more screaming out that lunch is ready, you simply say “Siri, tell the kids to come and get it”. Let’s make an outdoors iNode too that can be in the yard and by the pool. Put a battery powered one in the treehouse maybe.

This would be revolutionary and would bring the Star Trek computer experience into the home, or like the smart house computer in that excellent TV series Eureka.

Even if you’re out of the house, you could say “Siri, is Johnny home from school?” And get the answer and follow up with “if he’s not in his room please tell him to go there now and get on with his homework”.

As we connect more and more devices like LIFX lights, Nest, Point and all other connected devices, the Master Siri API will allow them all to integrate directly with Siri. You won’t have to have your phone, you’ll just talk to Master Siri.

Mistress Siri?

What ever floats your boat.

I can’t wait for this!

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