Mac App Store Says Updates Available But None Are Showing

I had two Macs I wanted to update with the latest 10.2 MacOS Sierra, one of them, a Mini, was fine, everything was displayed as expected in the Mac App Store but my MacBook Pro said there were 9 updates available but when I went into the Updates section, top right icon, there were noContinue reading “Mac App Store Says Updates Available But None Are Showing”

Clever Sometimes One-Take Promo Videos

I had never paid much attention to Dollar Shave Club until I heard about their $1 Billion purchase by Unilever. So I checked them out and their promo video is magnificent. Which made me think about some other promo videos I had seen, some are really clever one-take efforts, like the Thank You one below,Continue reading “Clever Sometimes One-Take Promo Videos”

Start-Up Funding Is Really Hard

We’re seeking funding for our start-up social enterprise, a FinTech solution that enables charities, not-for-profits and community groups to tap into a new source of funding. It’s a really good idea. Heard that before? I have. Many times. Often when I’ve heard it it’s been at some sort of start-up gathering or event. I reckonContinue reading “Start-Up Funding Is Really Hard”