Why Your Mac Contacts Don’t Sync With iCloud

If like me you’ve been wondering why your Mac contacts don’t sync with iCloud, it could be good that you’re here. You’ve probably tried everything you could find on the internet, as I did. This is what I did that got things working perfectly again. It was when I looked at this Apple support pageContinue reading “Why Your Mac Contacts Don’t Sync With iCloud”

App Store Updates Screen Should Allow You To Delete

I have 637 apps on my phone as at February 2017. Of course I don’t use more than 40 or so on a regular basis. Every now and then I will into Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage and delete some of the largest ones that I am not usingContinue reading “App Store Updates Screen Should Allow You To Delete”

Mac App Store Says Updates Available But None Are Showing

I had two Macs I wanted to update with the latest 10.2 MacOS Sierra, one of them, a Mini, was fine, everything was displayed as expected in the Mac App Store but my MacBook Pro said there were 9 updates available but when I went into the Updates section, top right icon, there were noContinue reading “Mac App Store Says Updates Available But None Are Showing”

The Wonderful Things Coming From WWDC 2015

The Apple TV Becomes A Gaming Console The prospect of the Apple TV becoming the latest iOS development platform is the most exciting announcement I can anticipate from WWDC 2015. We have our FulGaz App which would be better than ever running natively on the Apple TV. AirPlay is OK from an iPhone or iPadContinue reading “The Wonderful Things Coming From WWDC 2015”