I Love Asphalt 8 Airborne But I’ll Stop Playing Now

I think I discovered Asphalt on the iPad when Asphalt 6 came out and I absolutely loved it.

Asphalt 7 came along and it was better in every way and I completed this as I had done with Asphalt 6, raced everything, got all the stars, upgraded all the cars.

That’s the really satisfying thing about these games, you enjoy playing but you also gain a sense of accomplishment by maxing everything out, getting 5 stars on all tracks and being finished. Being finished, that’s the achievement. You may not have got up to the maximum driver stats but you did everything and for the most part did it all very well or perfectly.

Asphalt 8 is magnificent. What a stunning game on the iPad, the graphics are best of breed, the soundtrack is something I listen to when I’m not playing, great song choices, bands I would have never discovered. Asphalt 8 Airborne is a credit to the business people and especially the designers and developers behind it, simply stunning. There’s been no game App that I have played for as many hours and from which I have gained such great enjoyment.

The latest releases gave us a beautiful futuristic up-in-the-sky race track, wonderful! There are now Pro Kits for the existing cars you have and now there are Tokens as well as the Credits.

We didn’t need Tokens or Pro Boxes and we certainly don’t need the Aero Premium Car Pack for $129.99 AUD.

I’ve spent $391.81 on Asphalt games and $385.33 of that has been on Asphalt 8. I added up all iTunes receipts from email that mentioned Asphalt. The most recent purchase, on special, was 3,000,000 credits for $49.99 because there’s an area in the game now where you can only race if you’ve maxed out the car, like upgraded every aspect of that particular car.

I realised that I was probably going to be able to max out two or three cars and only if I max out the ones that I have partially maxed out already. And that’s without actually buying one of the cars for 3,000,00 credits and god knows how much it would then cost to max out that car’s attributes. You can race of course, and earn credits but if you’re an adult you probably have other stuff you must do other than play Asphalt.

Just quickly, if you win a race you can earn about 3600 credits and it takes about 3 minutes. So if you want to play to get your 3,000,000 credits instead of buying them you need to spend about 2500 minutes playing. Yes, that’s about 41 hours, closer to 42 and I just don’t have the time and really that’s only going to allow you to upgrade and max out one car.

The Aero Premium Car Pack I mentioned earlier, you can’t work to gain that, there’s no choice but to buy two cars for $129.99 and if you want to have all the Car packs complete you’ll need to pay cash for the Pole Position Pack, $32.99 as well. If I needed to max out all the cars so I could complete that season I estimate I’d need 86,000,000 credits. I have 43 cars that are not maxed out and I’m allowing 2,000,000 credits for each car to be upgraded and maxed out. Normally 3,000,000 credits are $129.99 AUD so I would need to spend about $3,700 AUD to buy enough credits to upgrade everything, even if I halve that, $1,800 is too much and there are likely to be new cars introduced along the way.

Then there are the Pro Kits which you can buy Tokens to get so there’s bound to be a season where you can only play if the car is fully Pro.

And to top it all off, they’re now making us watch advertisements. I think I’ve paid enough to be spared the ads.

So, I give up. I’m going to spend my 3,000,000 credits upgrading a few of my favourite cars. I’m going to enjoy a few events and some multiplayer races, which are great fun. I can’t afford the time or the money to have the sense of achievement that comes from completing this game, so, I’m disappointed but for me the sense of working towards an end, a completion of everything was what drove me to keep going, when that’s unreachable I’ll stop.

If you haven’t tried Asphalt, do yourself a favour, it’s the best car racing game and I’ve tried them all, just don’t start buying your way to the end, only buy if you really want that one thing, that fabulous car perhaps.

I have one spot on my home screen for my favourite game and as 2015 starts I’m not sure what that’s going to be but it won’t be Asphalt 8 Airborne any more.

UPDATE – Check out Jamie’s article on Medium for estimates on the total cost of buying your way to finishing, so silly of them in my view.



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34 thoughts on “I Love Asphalt 8 Airborne But I’ll Stop Playing Now

  1. It is a very good game. They have a car McLaren P1 GTR (S Class) which cost 15,000 tokens — that would cost ~$125 — or you could play for 6 months as the best player and save up for it.

    It’s true, you can dump a lot of money on things and it’s not worth it, they show ads even after you’ve spent a lot of money. The worst is being banned without reason after paying a lot of money, and trying to get your problem fixed — it’s like wrestling with an eel to get anything done.

    I would suggest playing it, but never paying anything ever.


    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment Jesse, I agree, I still actually play when I see an update come out, just to see what marvellous work they’ve done. They still manage to make magnificent tracks and other great things in the game, for me though, it’s just a shame that I cannot ever finish. I love that sense of satisfaction that comes from getting all the cars, becoming expert on all the tracks, and that will never happen with this game. So I have to stop!


  2. Also, the worst part is that car you saved up for and wanted so badly will be nurfed in a month or two because they constantly release new cars and this makes the previous good/best cars useless besides sitting in a garage.

    They are very clever, and its a way to get people to buy things. If you enjoy multi-player, you cannot beat the Shelby Cobra (not fully tuned), it destroys every car — this car is only gotten by the Mastery Classes which require Max + Pro cars (and its very, very expensive in time to receive this car).


    1. Shelby cobra is unbeatable in Barcelona reverse. But the latest multplyr races are in Patagonia or Tenerife, where handling and acceleration matter a lot. Not top speed or nitro.


  3. If you do a max race it’s a minute long and you get around 4.5k credits every time. (Not all, I maxed out my scion and that’s how much I get every time I re-race) In 20-25 minutes I can have 90k which isn’t bad at all.


    1. True, you can work hard with Asphalt 8 but it’s much quicker spending than it is earning. I do like the new track, I’ve had a few goes over the holidays of Area 51, good fun!


  4. there are cars that can beat cobra easy like dezir . rangerover, ds3 , honda , subaru , you just need a good upgrade like max4513 pro5354


  5. You don’t even need to buy packages. I have 10 million credits for free.
    So for those 10 million credits without cheating /paying I will have to play probably 200-300 years :D:D:D

    In fact I have All S class cars and updated everything.


  6. I have 90 cars, Level 85, 1574 stars and 2630 XP. Not impressive, but I haven’t spent any money on the game yet and won’t ever do it. Not that I don’t like the game, but I hate the advertisements and there seem to be more and more.

    This is how I make credits….a bit cumbersome…but still.

    Season9: beyond – French Guiana – Lamborghini. You can finish that race within the allowed timeframe without even touching your iPad. You will get about 1200 credits in 3 minutes…or 2400 with double credits…

    So what, you will say. Well, my son has made a Mindstorm robot that clicks itself through the game. I can make 1.000.000 credits in 24 hours using double credits.

    Ha, perhaps I should start a business selling the Mindstorm plans for this πŸ™‚


    1. Poor lesson to teach your child. With mine sure, asphalt 8 doesn’t care if you use a cheat or they would detect and ban. I’ve had the cheat conversation with my kids and I will take away any and all devices found to have a cheat. They will be patient and earn what they get. After all, maybe you can cheat the game, but you can’t cheat life.


      1. Hi Tommy,

        Not sure I agree. I thought about this a long time because of course I don’t want teach my son poor lessons. There was the challenge in making the robot. That is a lot more creative than jailbreaking a phone, which he might have done otherwise as his friends will probably tell him that’s cool. A lot cooler than the do-not-cheat lesson from his father. Jailbreaking is cheating, this really isn’t.


      2. You make a good point, but yhe cheats are still annoying to the point I only play multi-player to fulfill the daily challenges.


      3. Except it is cheating. Not as lazy of a way of cheating, but cheating none the less. Jailbreaking, if anything, is hacking, which is different (and arguably worse).
        Just some food for thought as, by definition, cheating is merely to act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage.


      4. Sorry you feel that way Proud.
        Just a little question though. Would you be so proud if you found out your daughter was spending her time partying and cheating her way thru college?


    2. I have played the game for 44 or 45 days mainly with double credits i own an amazing 74 cars by using double credits most times i own the best of the best class s cars including the hennessey venom gt,trion nemesis,mercedes benz silver lightning,bugatti vitesse,wyklan hypersport,koensigg agera,nano quantoflowcell fe,rufctr3,lamborghini veneno, there are more from the s class just can’t remember atm
      As for class a lamborghini sesto elemento,aventador,mclaren 675lt,ferrari laferrari,mclarenp1 etc not 1 penny spent πŸ™‚


  7. Same boat my friend. Love the game and can’t stop playing it but it is just too costly on the wallet . Also many people cheat which makes it more frustrating.


    1. I’m not sure how to tell if someone’s cheating, unless they have outrageous points I guess in GameCentre, that sort of thing. You’d think they could easily identify that and remove them. I’m into League Of War: Mercenaries at the moment, but got to be careful not to be tempted to spend too much! Thanks for commenting!


      1. I have seen cars flash like they’re re-spawning and then fly past me, then they’re behind me, then way in front again.
        I’ve seen that same tell with knockdowns but it seems like it’s turned on and off rather than on the whole race.


  8. I went into this thinking you were going to talk about how you literally can’t play for 1 second without getting an ad. One time I I paused a race, and a 30 second ad started while the race was still going. I was I. The lead by miles and I after I was getting lapped


  9. I’ve been banned from a total of 5 accounts that were entirely legit that totaled 1000+ hrs! They had a total of maybe 20 mil between the accounts and I lost the progress. 😦 I simply cheated in 20 mil plus the cars and upgrades I have remembered having had before I lost them. I also have an anti-ban patch on my device. So I guess all is not lost, yet. πŸ˜›


  10. If you really want to get into this game, either commit to spending a lot of money on it or accept you’re going to have to cheat.

    No-one should be wasting their life like this. As soon as you find yourself racing the same race over and over again for hours on end, you’ve really got to take a good look at yourself.


  11. Interesting comments. Especially this last comment.

    I regularly quit playing asphalt 8 for 6 months at a time, then play again for a month, and stop again. I just quit playing a few weeks ago and I think this time it’s for good. Or I hope so. I uninstalled it from my tablets and phones.

    Aphalt8 can consume your life, make you nervous and irritable. While I enjoy playing the game, I do develop symptoms of addiction that are quite frankly borderline scary when you face it. Playing until the wee hours of the night, having to grind for that one car that gives you a temporary edge, etc. cursing at the hackers.

    And all these gamepad overuse calluses on my finger tips πŸ™‚ -I don’t miss them.

    I’ve seen people playing pokemon Go make similar comments recently. So I quit playing because well, it’s a game you’ll never finish and that will suck money that I’d rather spend elsewhere.

    Don’t get sucked in.



  12. I started playing Asphalt 8 almist a year ago and now I have 36 cars. During this time I have been able to maxed out just 2 cars i.e. ferrari Fxx evoluzione and Lamborghini Venono.
    The issue with asphalt is not only the credits but also to get your car full maxed out. I daily purchase 2 pro boxes. And I Guess I had to wait about 2 months to get my desired cards fir ferrari evoluzione. I felt disappointed because of so much hard work just to max out a car even you play 40-50 races a day. I purchased henessey venom gt about 4 months ago and I think i need a year to get complete pro level. The asphalt 8 just want to pour your money to buy tokens. I never finished in the events within 1000 range with my cars because my car rank is always 100-200 below the desired level to get in competition because of this unfair pro kits.


  13. I’ve been playing Asphalt 8 for about a year. I’ve only spent about $20USD and enjoy playing with my 9 year old.
    My problem is I get 1 or 2 super racer boxes per day. I have about 20 cars and maybe 10 are pro. The rest are all waiting on the impact gun to advance. I’m to the point where I need about 50 impact guns to advance yet I haven’t got a single impact gun in over 2 months.
    I know there are lots of cheats and hacks out there but I don’t believe in using them and never will. You can’t cheat your way thru life so it would prove a bad lesson to my son.
    We used to really enjoy the game but as kids will, he has lost interest because we haven’t been able to advance a single level in so long.
    Is there some way to improve the odds of getting this card? I hate to give up but if I can’t do something soon I may as well just move on to something else.


    1. Hi Tommy,

      I feel your pain! It really is such a shame that they’ve done ruined this game. I noticed they have a new game coming soon Asphalt Xtreme so I will be keen to try that.

      Regarding your question of improving odds of getting certain cards, I don’t think so. I reckon it might be worth you and your 9 year old trying Asphalt 7 and 6. They were the versions that made me so keen on 8, and 8 was great for a period of time and then they just bloated it up until it’s impossible. 6 and 7 you could finish.

      Good luck!


  14. They key for me was to start Asphalt 8 in its infancy. All the cars were cheap, and you could max it (before you needed pro cards) pretty easily. This allowed you to win time limited events (TLEs) and get more cards/tokens/credits without the need to hack/buy. I probably have 700 unopened boxes of Pro Cards (god only know how many actual cards that is… 5000??) As of this post I have 122 cars, most were won or bought on sale (not real money), with 101 Maxed and 83 Pro’d. This was accomplished with a lot of free upgrades from TLE’s and “Collection” bonuses, or MP races (for D and C cars). I honestly dont know how new players do it. It must be very very frustrating to have to wait weeks/months to get enough cards to Pro a car that is still only middle of the pack. I guess my advice is to save up enough to get the “King” of the D and C (its still relatively affordable, and not as expensive to max/pro). Ignore B, A and S completely until you have won enough of the D/C TLE’s to save up to properly tune those higher end cars. Good luck everyone.


    1. What they have done that ruins the experience is to make the impact wrench ultra rare. At this time of need over 50 of them just in most cases to get to 4 of 5 on the profile level.
      As a result I have stopped any further purchase in this app for me and my sons.


  15. I’m playing it for a year but still doesn’t max out the d class. Lol. I really like drift with class s, so I just play drift. Lol.

    So bad, gameloft remove the ability to custom control in bluestack, now it’s become harder to drift.

    But honestly I like asphalt 8, because I can play the campaign anytime I want, no restricted energy like the others.


    1. Hi Kato, Yes, it is good that you can play when ever and as much as you like without energy issues, that is another annoying thing with many games. I have ot managed to play Drift much yet, too busy, but hope to check it out soon.


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