Why Your Mac Contacts Don’t Sync With iCloud

If like me you’ve been wondering why your Mac contacts don’t sync with iCloud, it could be good that you’re here. You’ve probably tried everything you could find on the internet, as I did. This is what I did that got things working perfectly again.

It was when I looked at this Apple support page that I realised what may have been wrong. I had loaded up some pictures of family contacts from my photo library. They may have been very large. I went through all my 1800 contacts and deleted the picture from any that had a picture. Deleting every picture probably wasn’t necessary but it was the easiest way to determine if it was the problem. It was.

How To Find Contacts With A Picture

I went into contacts on my Mac, clicked on All Contacts and then clicked on File > Export To PDF. Then paged through the PDF file looking for contacts with a picture. As I found one, I simply looked it up in Contacts on my Mac, clicked on the photo, pressed the Delete button on the keyboard and clicked on Done in the bottom right.

After deleting them all I noticed quickly that Test contacts I had added on my iOS devices and also in iCloud.com running in Chrome had appeared in the Mac Contacts app. Interestingly, before trying this, I had noticed that contacts I added on my my devices and iCloud.com had made it down to my Mac, but contacts added on the Mac would never go up to the cloud.

So, if you’ve been wondering why your Mac contacts don’t sync with iCloud, I hope this helps you!

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